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Jewellery Care

LaMano jewellery is made exclusively from fine metals, Sterling Silver and Gold. Each piece is handmade with unique textures and finishes and should be worn with care. All jewellery is fragile and if not treated carefully is vulnerable to breakage.
Protect your pieces by avoiding extreme temperatures, banging and scratches to minimise damage. To prolong the life of your gold plated pieces, avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, cosmetics, lotions, detergents and salt water. Due to the nature of these metals, over time tarnishing can occur. Factors such as the acidity of your skin, and how well you look after your jewellery will affect the rate of tarnishing. We recommend the use of a soft cleaning cloth, not a polishing cloth as this will wear down/rub off the gold plating.
Gold plated jewellery should be removed prior to swimming, exercising and showering. Store your jewellery in their boxes, with each piece separated to prevent them from rubbing together and causing scratches.
Keep your gold plated jewellery out of direct sunlight as prolonged exposure will cause tarnishing.