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the Brand

LaMano jewellery is a manifestation of the modern woman - gentle and elegant yet disarmingly fierce

We stand for a slower, more measured approach to the fast-paced manufacturing process, that’s why our pieces are all made to order.

LaMano is made in our studio in Switzerland 🖤 If you have any customized ideas, just let me know, I am more than happy to create with you!

I am Emily

SHE-E-O - switzerland/ecuador - animal advocate - brunch queen - sonrisa -photographer - dancedancedance - eatingnotcooking - coffee addict - 3days - interior design - dog mum - wanderer - less perfection more authenticity - autumn - sagittarius - soundtracks - naughtychocolatechild - plant based - brixton - travelling with fragnance - einekleinenachtmusik - montmartre

What We Care About

LaMano is a Swiss-based jewellery brand which specializes in creating high-quality jewellery essentials made of recycled 18 karat gold and sterling silver. Our brand places a strong emphasis on quality to ensure long-lasting wear and takes care to ensure that every aspect of our product cycle is made responsibly. We believe that taking care of the planet is essential because jewellery should never come at the expense of Mother Earth. A LaMano piece is a must-have in a capsule wardrobe. Visit our website at and follow us on Instagram at @lamanojewellery to discover our affordable, high-quality jewellery collection and join us in our mission to make sustainable fashion accessible to all.

1 CHF of every order

is donated to the charity SaveDogsSaveLives

Supporting Stray Dogs

Also, because it's important to us to give something back we donate 1 CHF of every order made to the amazing charity SaveDogsSaveLives

I found my little babydog Lou through them! (I mean look at her.... :)!

SaveDogsSaveLives is a Swiss-based non-profit charity which rescues neglected and abused dogs from Bosnia to find them a lovely family.