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the Brand

LaMano jewellery is a manifestation of the modern woman - gentle and elegant yet disarmingly fierce

We stand for a slower, more measured approach to the fast-paced manufacturing process, that’s why our pieces are all made to order.

LaMano is handmade in my own little studio in Basel. 🖤 If you have any customized ideas, just let me know, I am more than happy to create with you!

I am Emily

SHE-E-O - switzerland/ecuador - animal advocate - brunch queen - sonrisa -photographer - dancedancedance - eatingnotcooking - coffee addict - 3days - interior design - dog mum - wanderer - less perfection more authenticity - autumn - sagittarius - soundtracks - naughtychocolatechild - plant based - brixton - travelling with fragnance - einekleinenachtmusik - montmartre

How it all started

Jewellery has always been something very special to me - a way for self expression, a natural extension of your wardrobe and in some ways a reflection of your person.  

For years, I have continuously been looking for the ideal gold jewellery that is not only unique in design but also offers quality that can last for many years. No matter where I went, whether in my hometown or on one of my travels, I would always look for small concept stores that would sell local goldplated sterling silver jewellery. Each new designer I discovered led to the same feeling - I was always fascinated by the shapes, the fine lines and the unique stories behind the brand.

Somehow I always knew what designs I was looking for on my jewellery-hunts. But somehow I never really found what I was searching for. After years of looking and searching for the right jewellery brand, I was determined to one day turn my own design visions into reality. And as if destiny had only been waiting for it, I bumped into a jewellery designer during my trip to Greece whom I've already met years ago. She introduced me to her world of design and enlightened me on everything I wanted to know.

And finally, after a lot of research and testing, I made this little dream of mine, LaMano Jewellery, come true...

1 CHF of every order

is donated to the charity SaveDogsSaveLives

Supporting Stray Dogs

Also, because it's important to us to give something back we donate 1 CHF of every order made to the amazing charity SaveDogsSaveLives

I found my little babydog Lou through them! (I mean look at her.... :)!

SaveDogsSaveLives is a Swiss-based non-profit charity which rescues neglected and abused dogs from Bosnia to find them a lovely family.